All You Need to Know About Platforms to Sell Courses

All You Need to Know About Platforms to Sell Courses

Everyone of us wants to work on something that we are really passionate about. Be it your hobby, your passion, or something that you are really good at. Thanks to the coming of the internet and the rise of platforms to sell courses, this dream has now become a reality, and people are turning their passion into profitable businesses. How?

Let us tell you about the rise and success of platforms to sell courses and why you should be getting on one this coming year to make it big and become successful, just using your skills.

What's a Talent Sharing Platform?

The internet is full of a variety of different websites. From the helpful videos on YouTube to the posts of your friends on Instagram, there are different websites for different functions. There’s another type of website where people can actually share their talent and earn money from it.

For example, Cretskill is India’s leading talent sharing platform, developed and designed in India, for Indian skilled people who want to make it big. People who are adept in a skill can create content for people who want to learn that skill.

Let’s say that you are very good at cooking. Cretskill allows you to create cooking tutorials that you can share with people and every time someone buys your course, you make money from that purchase. Who would have thought that one day you would be able to monetise your skills!

Understanding the Money Aspect

You must be wondering, “how can I earn money using just my skill?” This is a very common question, and in this section, let us explain it all. Whenever you join platforms like Cretskill, you get the liberty to select how many courses you want to sell, as well as how many classes you want to offer for the courses.

So content creators can make as many classes as they want, and price them accordingly to ensure good sales. Every time someone buys your courses, you earn money from it. So in essence, the better your courses are, and the more people you reach, the more money you make.

The other common question that people often ask is “whether these content creator websites will charge money for joining?” The answer can depend on the platform you are using, but Cretskill does not charge any money to content creators to join the platform. If you have a skill that you can sell, then you are welcome to join us and grow with Cretskill.

But before you join any other content creation and skill sharing platform, remember that many of these websites do charge a commission fee on every sale you make. While most of the platforms charge it, there are some that can overcharge you. Some platforms take away as much as 45% of the revenue from the creators. Which basically leaves them with barely any profits.

This is another reason why Cretskill was created; to offer transparency and support to our creators. We give the creators 80% of the revenue you make, ensuring that most of your revenue goes to you. This allows our creators to make great content for their viewers, while ensuring a low and affordable price tag on the courses. All of these factors result in better reach, more sales, more growth, and of course, more profits.

Reaching the Right People

One of the instrumental things in becoming successful in online content creation is reaching the right audience. When you are selling your courses online, it is important to know that you are selling a digital product, so it must be viewed like a business.

What would be the point of showing people who to cook if they want to learn about front-end web development? Or how about showing how to dance to people who want to learn maths? This is why the content creation platform you choose can make or break your business.

Cretskill uses specific algorithms to show the right classes to the right people. This allows us to match the right content creator to the right content consumer. Better reach means more sales and more growth.

So make the new year of 2024 a great year by choosing to use your skill and create a business with it. Choose Cretskill and become a content creator today!