All You Need to Know About Talent Sharing Platforms and Make Your Passion a Business

All You Need to Know About Talent Sharing Platforms and Make Your Passion a Business

The internet has opened up so many different avenues that allow people to do all sorts of things. Apart from making our lives easier, the internet has also allowed people to share their skills. If you are a skilled dancer, paintier, singer, or you possess technical skills, the internet can help you reach hundreds of thousands of people.

But did you know that the internet, or talent sharing platform such as Cretskill also allows you to earn using your skills? There areplatforms for content creators that allow them to monetize their skills, make an audience of people who want to learn their skills, and even make a profitable business.

In this article, we are going to talk about what makes a talent sharing platform great and why you should be getting on one to get your career started and making your skill sell.

The Basics

The basic thing about platforms for content creators online is that they create classes in terms of readable documents, or popularly videos that teaches people how to learn the skill. It can be a single, long video that goes into the details of learning a skill or it can be a small, step-by-step video that focuses on just one thing.

For example, if there is a video on learning Salsa, the content creator can make one long video that teaches everything about salsa, or they can make ten different videos, each talking about different aspects of learning the dance form.

The Important

Remember that whenever it comes to making money, there are many hoops that you must go through before you settle for the platforms for content creators. Every talent sharing platform charges some amount from the money the content creator makes. This means that if you make ₹100, the platform will take a portion of it.

The issue is that many platforms are not transparent about this share. Many platforms charge as high as 40% of the revenue made from selling courses. That's taking almost half of the money you, as a content creator, make. Digital robbery.

This is why we have created a platform that is for the content creator. Cretskill lets the content creator take 80% of the revenue, so you get to keep the most of what you make. After all, it is your skill and business, you should get to keep the lion's share. The small commission Cretskill takes is put back into making the platform better for both the learners and the content creators. How?

The Right Audience

Cretskill uses specific algorithms to show the right content to the right people. This means that people see what they want to learn. If a person wants to learn more about business development, they will get to see content creators who teach business development.

This is very important when choosing a content creator course selling platform because if the right algorithms are not present, meaning that the right content is not shown to the right people, the content creator will not see much growth. What's the point of showing cooking videos to people who want to learn math?

This poor recommendation and impression leads to poor growth and low sales. And what's the point of selling your courses if you cannot find the right audience? This is why it is important to choose the right platform.

Interface That Does Not Interfere

Every website has an interface. It is the way everything is designed and placed. The interface of the website should be designed in such a way that it makes it easier for the people to navigate and use it. People should be able to find whatever they are looking for without too many clicks and unnecessary information.

This is why we have specifically designed Cretskill in the most intuitive way possible, allowing people to navigate through the pages with ease. Apart from ease of use, we have also made the website feature-rich so that the users get the most out of it. Cretskill is made for the content creator, and the learner. Join now to make the most of your skill, and become a successful content creator.