Best Site for Online Courses on Front-end Development

Best Site for Online Courses on Front-end Development

The best thing about the internet is its ability to connect people and allow us to communicate with each other no matter what the distance between us. A person living in the US can teach people living in India or Brazil. With this rise of sharing skills online, a popular course that many people want to take is learning about the front-end development of websites.

So in this detailed article, we’ll explain not only the best online course-selling platform in India for front-end development but also everything you need to know about front-end development of websites. Let’s get started.

What is Front-end Development

Front-end development, as the name suggests, refers to the development of the user-interactive part of a website. In other words, it means the development of the ‘front’ portion of a website.

When you open a website, for example, this site of Cretskill, you get different elements such as text, images, different colors, animations, etc. The development of these elements and how they work together is called front-end development.

The Three Parts of Front-end Development

Front-end development usually consists of three parts; HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each of these parts provides different features and functionality to the website. Let’s get to know them briefly.


HTML stands for hypertext markup language and it is the textual part of a website. All the text areas that you see on the website are made using HTML. It is also the most basic element of front-end development.


CSS stands for cascading style sheet and this element is used for the visual or stylistic aspects of a website. CSS is used to determine how the HTML elements of the website are structured and displayed. Everything from the font, colors, and spacing of fonts, to the spacing of columns is done using CSS


JavaScript is one of the most complex elements in front-end development. It is used to add a variety of advanced features to a website. From animating different images to dynamically changing content and making interactive elements of a website, JavaScript is a powerful element that can make a website extremely powerful and useful.

There are even more elements in front-end development but those come in the advanced section of the courses. Knowing about the three above-mentioned elements is more than enough to understand the basics of front-end development.

In case you are curious, back-end development is the development of a website’s backend; where all the data displayed on the front is stored and structured.

Online Courses on Front-end Development

Front-end development is an extremely popular and useful skill to learn considering the popularity of websites. Almost every company and organization need a website. Hence, they need front-end developers.

Since this skill is an extremely lucrative one, there is no shortage of both people looking for teachers to teach them front-end development and online content creators making courses on the subject.

So if you want to learn about front-end development or want to share your knowledge about it, then it is the perfect time to get on the best sites for online courses on front-end development and start sharing!

If you are a content creator, then keep in mind that there are multiple aspects of these skill-sharing websites that you should be aware of. The most important of these is revenue share.

Understanding Revenue Share

When a content creator creates a course on any topic, be it art, music, business, or front-end development, and sells it on some online course-selling platform in India, the platform usually charges a percentage of the revenue.

While this commission is normal for the website to charge and stay operational, some websites charge exorbitant amounts, leaving only pennies for the content creator who put all the hard work and dedication into making the course.

This is why Cretskill stands apart from the rest. Cretskill is created for content creators. We offer content creators an 80% share of their revenue. So, most of your revenue stays with you.

This allows content creators to keep the prices of their courses low, allowing more sales, more growth, and more profit.

So begin the new year by taking a new path. Start sharing your skills and become a content creator with Cretskill.