How to Earn Money on Platforms for Content Creators

How to Earn Money on Platforms for Content Creators

Have you ever wondered about how people can make money online using just their skills? Ten years ago, this thought would have been a fantasy, something that one can never even consider. But today, not only people are making money on the internet, from the comfort of their homes, but they are building businesses out of it. There are multiple platforms for content creators to make money online, or better yet, build a course selling business.

In this article, we'll be discussing the basic and complex parts of content creation and everything related to that. There are a lot of things to consider before one can start their content creation journey to minimize stress, and maximize reach. Let's get started.

Reach: The Most Important Bit

When it comes to anything on the internet, the most important factor for its success is the reach. What do we mean about "reach." Well, reach means how many people get to see whatever you are creating. Let's say that you posted a video, or a picture. If the photo or the video is viewed by five thousand people, it means that your media had a reach of five thousand people.

But what does all of this have to do with content creation? Everything. When it comes to the best platforms for content creators, reach can make or break their career. You, as a content creator, must choose the platform that can offer you the best reach.

When you create an online course, you want to maximize its impression so that many people see your work, and enroll in it. So getting the platform that offers the most reach is important. But there's more. Just reach is not enough for a success course selling platform.

Reaching the Right Market

What would be the point of showing courses of painting to people who are interested in cooking or singing? This is why platforms for content creators that reach the right audience makes all the difference. This is something we at Cretskill prioritize.

Our algorithms are made to target the right audience for the right content creators. This helps the content creators reach the right audience who are willing to learn and buy courses, and it also helps the viewers in getting the course they want.

Revenue Share Vs Revenue Snare

Content creators want to teach people what they know. But at the same time, they also want to create revenue and sustain their skill. Selling courses does create revenue, but what many content selling platforms do is mislead the creators into a trap. They use the revenue share as the revenue snare.

Some course selling platforms take up as much as 45% of the revenue from the content creators! That's almost half. Considering the taxes and other deductions, the content creators get less than half of the revenue.

This is what makes Cretskill different. And better. We promise 80% of the revenue to the content creators, while we take just 20% to make the platform even better for both the learners and the teachers. This ensures that no matter what you price your courses, you will always be making good money from it.

Variety of Courses

It goes without saying that people who are looking for different courses and skills to learn should choose a platform that has a variety of courses. But did you know that as a content creator, you should also select a platform that has a variety of different courses. Why?

Because a platform that only has one or two types of courses available for people shows that there are not many content creators on the platform. It also means that the platform has less pull value, meaning that not many people use their platform.

This is why Cretskill has dozens of different courses from multiple talented content creators who create excellence content. The courses range from arts and crafts, painting, business, marketing, lifestyle, technology, cinema, etc. The list goes on.

There is something for everyone, be it content creator or people looking to learn something new and improve their skill.

So that was all about the simple and not-so-simple things about platforms for content creators. Make the right choice with the right knowledge.