Selling Online Courses in the Indian Market

Selling Online Courses in the Indian Market

India has become a digital powerhouse with millions of internet users from all over the country. This rise in the number of netizens has resulted in a massive boost in something called the "internet economy" or "creator economy." People are making a business online with creating content, and even selling courses that teach people new skills.

As we venture into the new year, this is the perfect time to get started and establish your creator career. If you are someone who has a skill that people want to learn, be it cooking, singing, painting, sketching, finances, etc. No matter what, if you know you can teach it, you can sell it.

So you have the courses ready. The next question is how to sell online courses in India. While making money using your skills online has become easier, getting the right platform to sell the content has become a bit difficult. There are so many options out there, but what you need is the best platform to sell your courses in India.

How to Sell Online Courses in India

The most important thing when it comes to selling your courses is getting the right audience. You do not want to sell your courses on a platform where you cannot find the right audience. The platform must be capable of understanding what you are teaching and who wants to learn that.

For example, at Cretskill , we have specific algorithms that understand what the creators are creating and who would be the best audience for them. As a result, their content is shown to the right audience. This helps people find exactly what they want, and helps the creators get more sales.

Another important thing to consider is the revenue share. An often overlooked element about selling online courses is what the revenue share system is. There are many great platforms out there that offer everything a content creator needs. But the only thing that does not align well with the interest of the creators is how much commission they take.

When a content creator sells a course online through a platform, the platform charges a percentage of the sale. What percentage? It depends on the platform. And this is where the most important part comes. Some platforms can charge as high as 40% of the revenue.

This high commission rate can create more issues for the creator. A larger commission means that you earn less, which means you have to charge more for your courses, resulting in poor sales.

This is what makes Cretskill different, and better for aspiring and established content creators. Crestkill lets the content creators keep 80% of the revenue share, which is the majority of the revenue. Since the content creators can keep the most of what they make on the platform, they can keep the prices of the courses low, letting them sell more! A win-win situation for all.

If it was already not great, there's more at the offer table for content creators who are ready to make their passion their business as well. The first fifty content creators to join Cretskill will get to keep 100% revenue of their first five sales. The festive season just became even more festive.

Another great thing about Cretskill is that it offers creators the liberty to make courses just how they want. You can either make and sell one long and detailed course or you can break the course down into smaller courses and sell them individually. Whatever the content creator thinks is the best for their brand. After all, Cretskill is for the content creator.

With all these things in mind, remember to know what the people want to know and learn. Create courses that are easy to understand. A great rule of thumb is dividing the courses into different tiers based on the difficulty.

Make sure that you also promote your courses in social media and other websites where you can find prospective learners. So get started with the powerful and profitable world of the internet and start making money from your skills. Join cretskill to create a career using your skills.