What is An Online Course Learning Platform?

What is An Online Course Learning Platform?

When it comes to developing and honing a new skill, nothing could have made this difficult task as easy as the internet has made it today. With just a computer, laptop, or even a smartphone and an internet connection, you can learn any new skill, be it painting, sketching, marketing, branding, etc. All of this is possible due to the rise of online course learning platforms in India.

But what really makes an online course learning platform worthwhile?? In this article, we will be looking at the answer to this question from two different but related perspectives; one from the eyes of a content creator who has a skill to share with the world and make good amount of money from it, and the other from the eyes of someone who wants to learn a new skill and move ahead in life. Let's get started.

For the Learners

As a learner, you are looking for a platform that gives you the best courses on different topics. You should also be looking for skilled content creators who offer courses in multiple ways so that you can learn the skill at your pace.

For example, at Cretskill, you can get online classes for almost any skill you want, be it in the creative field such as arts and crafts, painting, dancing, etc to analytical fields such as marketing, branding, finance, public speaking, etc. But what really sets us apart is that you have options to choose from. You can select courses with one long and detailed class, or small classes divided into chapters so that you can learn at your own pace.

Apart from that, another important thing for learners is the user interface of the online platform; you should be able to navigate the pages easily, read and see things clearly, etc. The web design of these platforms should be clean and simple, without any junk.

For the Creators

As a content creator, there are so many things you need to look for, so many boxes you need to check before you choose an online course learning platform. This is because sharing your skill and making money from it is a crucial task, and it must be done in a way that maximizes your reach, benefits, and profits while helping people at the same time.

For example, Cretskill offers 80% revenue share to the content creators. This means that the majority of the money you make from selling courses on Cretskill goes to you. There are some platforms that charge as much as 45%.

So not only are you making more money on our platform, but the bigger share allows you to lower the prices of the courses. Lower prices mean that your courses become more affordable, increasing the sales and profits. This is what makes us different and better from the competition.

Second thing to note is the usability of the website. A website for sharing skills and selling courses must be made to do that efficiently. There are many online course selling platforms that are designed poorly, leading to confusion for the learners, and poor sales for the content creators.

Cretskill was designed specifically to ease the course finding and learning experience. Our algorithm and user interface pushes the right content to the right people, and all the relevant courses and material are always a click away. We refrain from adding useless junk so that people can find exactly what they are looking for.

Here's how it helps the content creators; It helps your courses to be viewed by as many people as possible. So not only are you getting more impressions and a better reach, but your content is reaching the right people who are willing to buy your courses.

The final thing you need to check as a content creator is the flexibility. How much control do you have in creating and selling the courses? For example, at Cretskill, content creators are allowed to take the courses however they want; one long and detailed course, or smaller courses, each teaching something different. We give the control to the content creator so that they make the best content for the people.

That was all the important and often overlooked things about online course learning platforms for both learners and content creators. Make the right choice by choosing Cretskill.